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MARS Lighting & Electrical Supplies feel immense pride in helping valued customers at every stage of order processing and solving their queries.

We truly believe in achieving 100% customer satisfaction, providing you high-quality and efficient products.

Our Help Desk Says:

  • Seek information about energy-saving devices and specifications of LED lighting products to make a wise decision while ordering the products.
  • Want to know about the quality, lifespan, performance, and price of any of our products? Call or email us.
  • We even offer help to guide you in adding and editing your payment methods for smooth processing of payment in future.
  • Get to know about your orders: tracking of courier packages, processing order items, and even cancelling orders.
  • Ask for help if you need a refund for any item bought or have to return your order back.

Our customer support and service team is available 24*7, making sure that the best help is provided to the customers. They take a few minutes to answer your query, and not more than a day to get back to you via email process. MARS Lighting & Electrical Supplies is for you!

We are just a call/ email away to answer any of your queries. 
Your satisfaction is our goal.