Fluorescent lamps contain mercury, which is a highly toxic substance. Mercury is the most toxic pollutant, after radioactive substances, on the Environmental Protection Authority’s list of industrial pollutants. It is extremely harmful to humans and it’s essential that mercury does not enter the environment. Spent lighting products are the largest source of mercury contamination in municipal landfills.

Retrofitting your fluorescent fixtures with the new LED T8 Lamps create a waste of old fluorescent lamps that need to be recycled. This results in much mercury that is being dumped into landfills every year. Over time, mercury in disposed fluorescent tubes can be converted by the action of heat and bacteria into a very toxic and volatile form, known as methyl mercury, and this toxic gas can be spread by the wind. In a nutshell, collection and recycling of fluorescent tubes keeps everybody safe, improves our environment and reduces landfill.

Don’t throw it out. We will pick it up.

As a company, marsled is committed to minimizing the impact we have on the environment.

That’s why we’re proud to offer recycling services for potentially harmful businesses waste items such as Fluorescent lamps .

Ultimately, our goal is to help make sure that none of these items end up in landfills where they can negatively impact the environment.

Products we RECYCLE

2″, 3″, 4″, 8″ and U-Bend fluorescent lamps
Incandescent / Halogen
Compact Fluorescent
Mercury Vapour / High Pressure Sodium
Metal Halide / High Intensity
UV Bulbs
Non-PCB fluorescent ballasts
PCB fluorescent ballasts
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