LED Slim Panel Potlight | Wet Location Vs Damp Location rated.

LED Slim Panel Potlight | Wet Location Vs Damp Location rated.

Out of the two - Which is the one I choose?

Whether you opt to buy a wet-rated light or a damp-rated light depends on how much water and moisture are present where your LED Potlight will be mounted. You can purchase a light fixture that is appropriately rated for your needs by looking at the certification of your lighting device. Fortunately, standards were established early on in the development of electrical engineering and product safety to certify compliance with product standards, which benefits modern contractors and homeowners.

 The Underwriters Electrical Bureau, forerunner of today's Underwriters Laboratories (UL), was established in 1894. UL analyses lighting items to determine which environment they are suitable for, then labels the product evaluated as "wet rated" or "damp rated" bulbs or lights, among other safety certifications they provide. They have no financial stake in the goods they evaluate for producers.

 MarsLED put-in a lots of efforts in ensuring that any vendor product we represent, carriers clear markings of the UL Listing of wet or damp rated products in the technical specifications and other places, so you can be sure that products and brands we represent adhere to the rules. Although it may not seem important, UL or ETL moisture certification is crucial.


Wet Rated Potlight - What's the importance?


Wet Location Example: Shower Area of the bathroom

When deciding between wet and damp rated products, safety should be your top priority. You are aware that each lighting fixture needs electricity to work. Since water is a conductor, you want to rule out the potential of an unintentional fire or electrocution to ensure the safety of the installed light and the users. Use of UL Listed lights with the proper wet rating in locations where water is expected to enter or where it may deposit to help safeguard your home, place of business, or clients.

Installing a light fixture in a wet environment may affects its durability. If the body of the lighting fixture is not water resistant, when installed in a wet location, the lifespan of the fixture may reduce and may lead to unwanted consequences, including damage to the property or personal injury or both.

The term "wet rating" describes areas where an outdoor lighting fixture that is wet rated may come into contact with liquids such as rain, dripping water, or other substances that may flow or splash up against the LED light fixture or bulb. Wet rated LEDs should be installed in outdoor lighting fixtures where they will come into contact with snow or rain. Included in this is the kind of saturation present in yards, patios, walks, steps, gazebos, and other outdoor or exterior locations where rain and other liquids will come into direct contact with the product. For bathrooms with enclosed showers, wet zoned areas can also be lit with recessed interior lighting using wet rated goods within.


Damp Rated Lights - What's its significance?

The term "damp rating" describes moist areas that are not directly exposed to water. Bathrooms (but not in the shower or tub), basements, and some saunas are among the places where lights that are designated as suited for a moist environment can be installed. Use outdoor damp-rated lighting for decks with an overhang that prevents water from penetrating as well as porch lights that are protected from the wind and rain (otherwise you need wet rated).

Damp Locations: Areas that are humid and musty, as well as partially covered situations where products may occasionally condense or sweat, are referred to as damp locations.


Condensation happens in a space that is by a large water sources such as kitchen sinks, bathtubs, and showers. Even a lighting fixture in the laundry room could experience some moisture in a small area. A damp rated light should be used instead of a dry rated light everywhere there is steamy or humid air present within. Dry graded items are utilized exclusively indoors and in a dry environment. Due to the condensation that accumulates inside the space, saunas and steam rooms are considered damp rated; however, for better lifespan of the fixture, wet rated product can be used.

For outdoor lighting, damp-rated LED lights have a wide range of uses. However, they are only permitted to be used in covered and completely dry areas where rain and other water runoff are kept away from the light fixture or LED bulb. 

Mars LED provides a vast range of lighting fixtures for both Wet Location and Damp Location applications.