Lutron MSCL-OP153M-WH Maestro CL Occupancy / Vacancy Sensing Dimmer, White




Lutron MSCL-OP153M-WH Maestro CL Occupancy / Vacancy Sensing Dimmer, White

Conserve Energy by Having Lights Automatically Turn Off when a Room is Empty
  • Save energy by automatically turning lights off in vacant rooms
  • Lutron advanced XCT sensor technology provides accurate motion detection
  • Ambient light detection prevents light from switching "On" when enough natural light is available
  • Controls up to 600W and works with any dimmable bulb type
  • Programmable to function as either an occupancy or vacancy sensor dimmer

The addition of a Lutron Maestro CL Occupancy / Vacancy Sensing Dimmer is a simple way to add convenience and automation to any room of a home. This dimmer will help to conserve energy by automatically turning lights on when you enter a room and off when a room is vacant making it ideal for laundry rooms, bathrooms, garages, bedrooms and closets. It features Lutron's advanced XCT sensor technology to accurately detect fine motions to ensure that lights are on when people are present as well as detect the amount of ambient light available in a room to determine if light is needed. If the Maestro CL Dimmer detects that there is adequate natural light in the room it will prevent the light from automatically switching "On" helping to further conserve energy and not run up an electric bill. A Maestro CL Occupancy / Vacancy Sensing Dimmer can control up to 600 watts of incandescent or halogen lighting and is compatible with dimmable CFLs, LEDs, incandescent and halogen bulbs. This product meets California Title 24 requirements.

Occupancy and Vacancy sensors save energy by performing two different functions. Occupancy sensors will automatically turn the attached load "On" when motion is detected, and "Off" when the room is no longer occupied. Vacancy sensors will automatically turn the attached load "Off" when the room is no longer occupied, but the load must be turned "On" manually; these have no other options for operation. This dimmer is capable of being configured for occupancy or vacancy mode

The Clean look and feel of these Maestro Sensors offer seamless integration with the other Maestro controls and easily match existing home themes. The sleek and unobtrusive built-in Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor is very compact, overcoming objections with the typical bulky sensor. Using Lutron's advanced XCT technology, this sensor provides the most reliable On/Off performance up to 30 feet. No one sensor can offer the same percentage of reliability while still providing such a great look. XCT technology will eliminate interference created with background motion, helping to avoid false triggers that will turn the lights 'On" unnecessarily. False triggering of the "On" function is also avoided by Ambient Light Detection. This photo cell feature will override the detection of motion if there is enough ambient light already available. False triggers that can turn the lights "Off" unnecessarily are avoided through Fine Motion Detection. This feature determines whether the room is truly unoccupied by noticing the slightest movements, even while the user is sitting.

Manufacturer Lutron
Manufacturer Product No. MSCL-OP153M-WH
UPC 784276054843
Compatibility CFL, LED, incandescent and halogen load types
Motion Sensor PIR (Passive Infrared)
Motion Sensor Field of View 180°
Motion Sensor Range Up to 30 feet
Occupancy Sensing Modes Auto-On / Auto-Off or Manual-On / Auto-Off
Timeout Options 1, 3, 5, 15, or 30 minutes
Sensitivity Options High / Low
Auto-On Light Level Options 100%, 50%, last light level, or locked preset lighting level
Auto-Off Light Warning Lights fade off over period of 10 seconds
Power 120V~, 60Hz
Operating Conditions Temperature: 32°F to 104°F
Humidity: 0% - 90%
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor only
Regulatory Approvals UL Listed to US and Canada requirements
Title 20/24 certified lighting control device
Manufacturer Warranty 5 years
Color White

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