MARS Lighting & Electrical Supplies understands the value of your hard-earned money, and that is why we make sure that every payment gateway is secure, safe and reliable on our website. 

Don’t worry, we are here!

  • The credit card options are available on our website, and these are among the most used payment options around the world.
  • Even if your credit card company or bank name are not listed with us, you can simply go ahead and complete the order. We will help you after that.
  • You can choose from "Pay with Debit/Credit" and then you will land on a page where you can enter the debit/ credit card information.
  • MARS Lighting & Electrical Supplies does not save or collect your payment card details or any kind of personal information when you process the order.
  • The option of PayPal is also available on our website, and that link is redirected to the payment page of PayPal company. That is a safe way to confirm the payment and you can login with your PayPal account details.

You can trust MARS Lighting & Electrical Supplies as we believe in making secure payment transactions. We do not store, distribute, or share any customer’s details with any untrusted third party. 

Let’s connect happily!