LED Stair-Step Light Kit Black (Pack of 6)




LED Stair-Step Light Kit Black- Outdoor IP65

  • Item Dimension: Φ35(1.38inch) x H25mm(0.98inch). Cut out:24MM. Unique and fashion appearance with Half-moon shape.
  • Add instant cozy feeling to indoor/outdoor in a very economical way.
  • LED deck lights are IP65 waterproof, safe for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Drawing only 0.4 watts of power, long lifespan over 50000 hours. With easy and convenient installation.
  • Work with 12 volts (low voltage) DC power supply, Energy saving and environment friendly. Hardware & plastic integrated design

SC-6xB106 Black Stair Light 6-pack with Outdoor LED Power Supply

Model: B106B

UPC: 740690931085

Lighting Colors: Warm White
Color Temperature: 2800-3200K
Voltage: DC12V
Rate Output Power: 0.4W


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